Fuck your espionage

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Anonymous asked: Was told that I'm a misogynist because I argued that Lena Dunham is shallow, overrated, self-indulgent, and boring. How do I respond?


  • "Welp."
  • "I mean, I said the same thing about JJ Abrams…"
  • "Be that as it may, it really doesn’t absolve Lena Dunham of being a turd, does it?" 
  • "How dangerous of you to dismiss my zersonal tastes and ascribe all my preferences to something you can’t possibly know about me. Is this how you approach every idea you don’t agree with? Have you considered wearing a red arm band with your logo on it?" 
  • "Does being a misogynist mean I don’t have to sit through another season of Girls? Because that would be sick.”